The science behind our solutions.

Our Job Fit tools use a cocktail of psychological research, predictive analytics, machine learning and our proprietary algorithm. These all work together to analyze data, helping our technology get even smarter over time.

We draw data from individual assessments, which take 15 minutes (short version) or 45 minutes (full version) to complete. By asking the right questions, we’re able to collect more accurate information about things that are most predictive of success for both employers and employees.

We dig deeper. Here’s how.

Most job assessment and career discovery products on the market are built around five key personality traits: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Stability, and Openness. We screen for an additional twenty traits to help form more accurate, thorough profiles.

Once a top performer, always a top performer? Not necessarily. Our process recognizes the traits that are most relevant to a specific role. So instead of relying on someone’s work history to predict their future, we let the data do it.

Tackle tough questions with Fit First®’s technology.

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Can this person do the job?

Your basic “good on paper” information, life skills, education, experience and availability.

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How will this person do the job?

Dig into the personality traits and characteristics that make someone a good fit for a specific role.

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Will this person do well here, and why?

Measure someone’s standards, attitudes, and values to evaluate how they’ll mesh with company culture.

Success Stories

Leading with ‘Job Fit’ to jump ahead of hiring targets and break down gender & diversity barriers

In 2019, the Ontario Electrical League (OEL) began using a customized version of Fit First® Technologies’ platform, Jobtimize® to help electrical contractors and electrical apprentices get matched more...

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Ready to lead with fit, first? Check out our products.

Whether you are a DoL Grantee or other intermediary, an industry association, an educational institution, in workforce or economic development, Jobtimize® truly is the platform to help you develop and harness your regional talent pipeline and build a workforce to be reckoned with.

TalentSorter® is your shortcut to hiring the right person for the job. Our technology quickly assesses and sorts top candidates, generating Job Fit reports and custom interview guides.

HiringSmart® is your custom plan for transforming your organization. Building synergy across your hiring, managing, and development practices empowers your people to reach their full potential.

Reference Getter® is an automated solution for checking candidate references. Get verified feedback right to your inbox instead of chasing third parties for hours over the phone.

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We’re always open to adding fresh thinking to our team. If you think you’d be a good fit, we’d be happy to put our tools to the test.

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