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From a large multi-unit HR department to a small business with just a few employees, or from a high school student to an established mid-career jobseeker, our products provide both employers and applicants with the right tools to discover a smoother recruitment process, greater workplace success and increased growth.


Software that puts ease and accuracy into your hiring & recruitment decisions.

Before you even review an applicant’s resume, unique data points and AI behind the TalentSorter questionnaire (completed by candidates during the application process) can gauge which candidates should be considered first, based on these key determinates for greater success in the role: behavioral traits, attitude and critical thinking/reasoning. If these soft-skills don’t fit with what’s required for the role, or don’t fit with your company’s standards, then no amount of experience on someone’s resume will make up for that!

Employers and recruiters who use this cutting-edge technology are able to streamline and improve how they filter applicants, giving them more speed and accuracy throughout the hiring process, recognizing the ‘top performers’ in the pack, and raising hiring standards. As a result, turnover is reduced, training outcomes improve and company growth increases.

TalentSorter is a secure, cloud-based platform that can be used with our fully-functional ATS or easily integrated with your own existing system. 

We've already helped businesses screen and assess over 2,000,000 candidates across North America alone!

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Jobtimize helps the world work happier and hire better!

We’ve built a single integrated platform that connects everyone within the career discovery and employment cycle – matching people with the right occupations, employers with the right people, and advisors/educators with the right resources.

This intelligent career matching technology starts by discovering a person’s true potential beyond just their resume. To do this, jobseekers and students create a free account at jobtimize.com to learn which jobs match best with their behavioral traits, attitudes and interests, in addition to their education and experience. They can then use the full depth of their Jobtimize™ profile to search and apply for jobs within our live database or through integrated job sites (such as Indeed, Google Jobs, Glassdoor, etc).

On the employers' and advisors' side, companies signup to view Jobtimize’s list of pre-matched candidates, utilizing a ‘two-factor authentication’ style approach by giving priority to the candidates who have both qualifications + behavioral/soft skill compatibility; thus, ensuring more successful hiring or better training and apprenticeship outcomes.

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Watch Your Business Grow When You Measure What Matters.

There are lots of ways to start leveraging job ‘fit’ as a way to improve sales, reduce expenses, build efficiencies, and boost your bottom line. HiringSmart offers a suite of tools and services that help you attract, engage, and develop the right people, so you can make those improvements a reality and start seeing a greater return from your payroll dollars.

For example, we’ve helped a small pub cut their turnover in half and increase their average check by 14% in the first year, while also helping a national retailer with 3,200 stores screen nearly 600,000 applicants and save their HR team thousands of hours by focusing only on the candidates likeliest fit the job and share their high standards of performance.

Learn more about our comprehensive array of assessment tools for new and existing employees, Sales Performance and other industry specific tools, interview guidelines, Performance DNA (pDNA) Studies, Ideal Candidate studies, and more.

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Checking references has never been easier.

Finally, an automated solution for tackling the tiresome task of checking candidate references. Employers and hiring managers can now get valuable, verified feedback on every candidate straight to their inbox. Easy signup and free to use!

Reference Getter is now built into TalentSorter, so you can streamline hiring even further by easily the checking references of your top applicants without leaving TalentSorter! 

We have the ability to integrate with a variety of ATS and CRM systems (with free connectivity), so you can save even more time, log into one place, and seamlessly check references as part of your overall the hiring process.

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