Transform your organization with a custom workforce development plan.

The most successful leaders continue to realign and rethink how they approach team development throughout the employee lifecycle – screening and selection (hiring), onboarding and performance (managing), and investing and planning (developing). HiringSmart® shows you how to measure what matters at every phase, so your organization can get back on track, adapt, and excel into the future.

Make every hire harmonious.

Most of the time when new hires fail, it’s not because of gaps in knowledge or experience, it’s because of poor fit. The right assessments will help you screen all your applicants for fit – with their manager, the work that’s waiting for them, and the people around them. When you hire for fit, you bring people into your organization who are more likely to hit the ground running, stay longer and perform better.

Good management turns out top performers.

The right assessments give you clear, easily understood insight into how each employee is likely to fit with the manager and their peers, identify any differences that may need to be anticipated and managed, and will generate a Coaching Report that will guide the manager to getting the best possible contribution from each member of the team.

Start seeing people as your successors.

Knowing who to develop, what awareness or capabilities to develop in them, and what direction to take their career, can be a challenge. In absence of clear, objective information about their leadership style and potential, career and succession planning can sometimes feel like a toss of the dice. The right assessments will give you the clear insight you need to feel confident in your investments.

It takes driven people to uncover the drivers of fit and performance. That’s us.

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