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Meanwhile, check out how Jobtimize® by Fit First® Technologies can connect jobseekers, career advisors and employers in a single integrated platform, using Job Fit to focus on the most reliable predictors of success. Jobtimize® brings depth and breadth to workforce training and economic development systems, by shining a light on what jobseekers and employers really need to succeed.

There’s a world of hidden talent out there, and we’re on a mission to help you find it. The platform introduces trainers and employers to pools of individuals who are already pre-screened and matched to their programs or jobs, while also opening new doors to an even wider audience whose potential may have been historically overlooked or unrecognized. Jobtimize® levels the playing field for applicants facing barriers to employment by turning antiquated hiring processes upside down and looking at fit/potential first and resume second.

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