The Science Behind Successful Hiring

Fit First uses the same rock-hard Behavioral Science Fortune 500 companies rely on, only ours is delivered without the Fortune 500 price tag.

Industrial psychology and behavioral science are a ‘mature’ body of knowledge. The models that have been in use for more than three decades are tried and true, and the vast majority of the job assessment and career discovery products in the marketplace today are built on the ‘Big Five’ personality traits – Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Stability and Openness.

Fit First's model is different in many ways…

More Traits

First, our unique model has taken those five traits as our foundation, and added twenty more. This allows us to present you with a much more complete image of the whole person.


Second, we know that a ‘Housekeeping’ role and a ‘Sales Executive’ role each require a very different set of traits and attributes for the person to be successful. So, using extensive job analysis data, we designed a patented process to recognize the most important traits for each specific job role.

Less Time Wasted

Third, the biggest complaint about assessment products is that they take too long. Depending on your requirements, we our products include accurate questionnaires that take as little as 10-15 minutes, or a ‘full version’ that takes up to 45 minutes.

The ‘Fit First’ Approach

Forth, we never lose sight of what's at the core of our products: better insight into 'job fit' – leading to fairer hiring practices, better employees, happier workplaces and increased productivity. We believe that hiring for job fit is so important that it should be accessible and affordable for all businesses big or small!

We Measure What Matters

We help people and organizations make better choices, by collecting more accurate, intelligent information about the things that are most predictive of success for both the employer and employee. There are three levels of questions that need to be answered, and the resume barely gets at the first:

Can this person do the job? – skills, education, availability… collected in the online application form

How will this person do the job? – based on their personal traits and characteristics, are they a good fit for this particular job?

Will this person do the job, and why? – standards, attitudes, values… is this person a good fit for the environment here?

How We Measure 'Best Fit'

Our software integrates a questionnaire/assessment component into the job application process, which is deeply rooted in some very advanced science. Our unique design compares the personality traits and other attributes of the person taking the questionnaire to those of people who have been high performers in that particular job role. Upon completion of the job application, we then use its advanced data analysis to generate a FitScore® for the applicant, which can be used by employers as a very accurate predictor of success in that particular role.

How is this person likely to approach their work?


How is this person likely to behave as an individual?


How is this person likely to interact with others?


How is this person likely to weather challenge and adversity?


How is this person likely to embrace change?


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