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Put ease and confidence in all your hiring decisions

Resumes and interviews can’t tell you everything, so TalentSorter takes the guesswork out of who’s really behind the resume – making it quicker and easier to decide which candidate to hire. 

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Solve Common Staffing Issues

Enjoy the benefits of hiring better quality candidates, backing your brand with committed people who:

• Will stay in the job after being trained.
• Approach the job with a high work ethic
• Work well with the team and the manager 
• Are consistent, reliable and engaged. 

Maximize the ROI of your payroll dollars

For many companies, as much as 20% of payroll is not generating any return due to poor employee performance. TalentSorter helps raise hiring standards so can build a team of top performers.

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Reduce time with resumes and interviews 

Improve training outcomes 

Increase on-the-job performance 

Improve customer service ratings

Raise hiring standards across all locations 

Reduce turnover 

Using cutting-edge technology on a secure cloud-based platform, TalentSorter will:      

• Help create consistent, professional hiring practices across every location. 
•  Easily configure to your company’s needs. 
•  Allow for both in-store or central controls.

Easy to Use & Implement

How does TalentSorter help you?

The sophisticated behavioural science and AI behind our software generates accurate results that are easy to follow, so you can:

  • Quickly assess and sort candidates
  • View candidate ‘Job Fit’ reports
  • Download interview guides for each candidate.
  • Contact our dedicated customer support team or live chat whenever you need assistance.

Ideal for Multi-Unit Businesses



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Define Your Ideal Candidate

  • Tell us about your best and worst employees.

  • Then, give us one of your job descriptions, and we’ll  create an ‘Ideal Candidate’ profile for that job within your hiring system.

  • Now we have a starting point!

Lets Talk!

3-Step Program for ensuring that your franchisees hire employees who are true brand ambassadors

Trial & Verify

  • Once we have your ideal candidate defined, it’s time to verify our data and run a trial by selecting a franchisee who would like to test drive it with us.

  • We’ll measure how their top employees match up to your Ideal Candidate profile.

  • The Ideal Candidate profile will be continually monitored and adjusted as we put it through this real-life experience.

  • We’ll begin saving time in the hiring process by integrating a FitScore™,  interview guides, etc.


Make it Easy for Franchisees

  • We know that consistent, quality hiring standards are important to your franchisees, but, we also know that it takes special care on our end to seamlessly integrate with your existing hiring process.

  • We’ll configure TalentSorter™ to suit your needs and ensure that each franchisee is comfortable with the new tool and our FitScore™ system.

  • And, don’t worry, our customer service team will be there to help throughout the entire process before and after setup.


Company and product overview for our partners. With Tim Brennan and Jan van der Hoop


We are going to help you help your clients

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Client Materials

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Client Materials

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